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Des Moines Garage Door Broken Spring

Our garage door requires much care just like any important tool in our buildings. A garage door spring works in tandem with other door parts to ensure your garage door is open or closed. Due to unavoidable circumstances, our garage door spring may break. Des Moines garage door repair broken spring at very affordable prices. We are the masters in garage door repairs in Iowa and its neighbouring cities.

Though different garage door springs have different lifespan, Des Moines garage door repair broken spring of all types. Our technicians have high level training in handling garage door and have served thousands of clients in complex garage door repairs and installations. We have invested in high numbers of well skilled and experienced technicians and sophisticated equipments to repair and install garage doors. You are now ready to be served by the right partner in garage door installations.

In many cases, if you subject your garage door spring to extreme temperature, it might end up in breaking. At times, garage door springs break due to high friction with other parts of the garage door or lack of lubrication and great care to the garage door springs. It is always advisable to ensure your garage door spring is well functional and subjected to no extreme temperature or friction. Many a times, some quack garage door installation technicians will put weak garage door springs on heavy garage doors causing the spring to break.

Although the major cause of garage door spring breakage is tear and wear, installation of weak garage door spring or insulation of the door after installation of the garage door can subject the garage door spring to overweight and hence crack and break. A garage door spring is manufactured to serve a limited number of cycles and if you use the garage door often, it will last less number of years.

Many manufacturers make a garage spring with limited 10, 000 to 20,000 cycles. A cycle is a single opening and closing of a garage door spring to open and close the door respectively. The more you use the garage door especially if the door is frequently used by kids, the lesser the number of years the garage door spring will last.

Des Moines garage door repair broken spring services highlights

  • Adjustment and strengthening of door springs
  • Fixing pulley and counterbalance cables
  • Replacement of broken torsion springs
  • Installation of new garage door springs
  • Durable, reliable and quality garage door springs
  • Sale of garage door springs accessories and parts
  • Qualified, dedicated and certified technicians
  • Sales on all types and brands of springs
  • Adjustment and alignment of springs
  • 24 hour access to door springs repair services

For all garage door spring repairs, installations and maintenance, ask for Des Moines garage door repair broken spring services and products and our expert will respond within 20 minutes. We are available 24 hours including at night, weekends and holidays to serve you.